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Carbon Capture & Storage
We can help you with entire value chain of CCS business. Our partners bring expertise throughout  CCS life-cycle

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            CCS PROJECT     =               CAPTURE              +     TRANSPORTATION    +    UTILIZATION/STORAGE

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Checkout our CCS Flipbook (below) to give you an overview - Best view with desktop

Overview of Global CCS Projects in Operations & Planning

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What Our Clients Are Asking About CCUS Projects?

We have helped our global clients in various aspects of CCUS, here are few sample focus areas that our clients were interested in:

  1. How CCUS fits in the strategy to achieve Net-Zero?

  2. What are consideration in decision making in upstream CCS projects to reduce emissions? 

  3. Overview of CCUS projects globally, the learnings to-date and the future trends ?

  4. Overview of CO2 Capture technologies and their respective costs (CAPEX & OPEX)?

  5. Overview of CO2 transport technologies, specifications, costs and regulatory challenges?

  6. Overview of CO2 storage project's lifecycle; site characterization, permitting requirements (Pre-injection, injection, closure, & post-closure periods)

  7. Managing risks and challenges in; CO2-EOR storage in depleted oil & gas field, pure-storage in depleted oil & gas field and pure-storage in saline aquifers

  8. Designing and modeling a CO2 EOR in depleted oil field

  9. Site Characterization, plume modeling of CO2 and Measurement, Monitoring & Verification plans

  10.  Competitive landscape of global CCUS projects; unique challenges and technologies

  11. Opportunities of CCUS and competitive and regulatory landscape in California 

  12. Business structures in CCS ventures; revenue models and economics 

  13.  Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) how they work? The performance to-date and future potential

  14. Regulated Carbon Markets vs VCM ( especially EU Emission Trading System & its potential

  15. What are California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), Cap & Trade (C&T) and federal 45Q?

  16. How carbon credits are generated (LCFS, 45Q, C&T);  regulatory requirements

  17. Economics of upstream oil & gas CCS project? How is it different from downstream project?


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