Capital Project Development Management

The capital project you build today will provide strong cashflow tomorrow. Creating and preserving value is critical, we can help you during project lifecycle (Identify, Asses, Select and Define). 

You maybe an operator or non-operating partner in a caitall project, we provide Front-End Development Management expertise in oil & gas during project lifecycle ( Identify, Assess and Select  & Define phases ) for Onshore/Offshore/Deepwater/CCS projects. If you don't have a corporate process for capital project management, we can also help you develop a stage gated process and train your staff to manage your capital projects. Project or opportunity development is a stage gated process, it consists of six stages; Identify, Assess, Select, Define, Execute an

Here are few things you need to note in a capital project management:


  • OPPORTUNITY /PROJECT FRAMING: It is most critical activity before you start the project.

    • objectives, value drivers, risk management plans, stakeholder plans and road maps to FID

  • VALUE IDENTIFICATION & CREATION: Most value is created in first four phases (mostly 1st three)

  • VALUE PRESERVATION & REALIZATION: Value is realized & preserved in Execute & Operate Phases

  • FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT MANAGER (FEDM): Manages the Identify, Assess & Select phases

  • PROJECT EXECUTION MANAGER (PEM): Manages the Define & Execute phases

  • FRONT-END LOADING or (FEL): is a detailed data gathering to assess reservoir complexity and develop appraisal strategy to de-risk the opportunity

  • CAPEX/OPEX & development schedule are  progressively ruined in each subsequent phases.

  • Decision Quality and risk management and mitigation plans are refreshed in each phase

  • Value Improvement Practices (VIP); Standardization & Replication, benchmarking, competitive scoping 

  • Stage gated Value Assurance Reviews are done for compliance and value preservation. 

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