In Identify phase we make a conscious decision to assess an opportunity. In this phase we answer two question; Do we understand what we getting into? And should we spend resources in assessing it?.  
This requires two steps:
  1. Setting Up Venture
    • A business structure is created to conduct business and ensure partners & stakeholders are aligned. A business venture could be
      • Exploration (organic growth) :Acquisition of acreage for  economic exploitation of oil & gas 
      • New Business Development (inorganic) growth): Acquisition of a green​ or brown fields
  2. Exploration
    • The main objective is to acquire exploration acreage within license for potential hydrocarbon discovery, its economic development and production. It may include basin evaluation, plays identification, lease-sales, lead generation, prospect maturation and exploration well drilling
    • WE CAN HELP MATURE YOUR VOLUMES-TO-VALUE (V2V)  for exploration lifecycle
    • We can also provide External Technical Assurance Review (ETAR) for your opportunity
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