Exploration Support

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We can help in full lifecycle Play Based Evaluation PBE ( Basin | Play | Prospects


We provide development solution & potential value estimate to the exploration teams.  


Your team has an excellent Basin/Play (Leads) /Prospect, you know the volumes but want to estimate its potential value after development; we can help your team grow its portfolio by providing volumes to value (V2V) support throughout exploration lifecycle:


Lifecycle Exploration Support

  • Basin Evaluation (Regional Studies )

    • Do we understand Petroleum Systems?

    • Are We in the right basin?

  • Play Evaluation 

    • Do we understand the Play?

    • Are we in the right part of the basin?

  • Prospect Evaluation

    • Do we understand the Prospect volume & risks?

    • Have we selected the right prospect?

  • Regional studies,

  • Farm-in/Farm-out's

  • Lease-sales,

  • Prospect-generation,

  • Exploration and appraisal drilling.


Develop Analogues & Fluid-Correlations in Proven/Unproven Basins to Estimate: 

  • Fluid properties 

  • Recovery mechanisms and recovery factors (EUR)

  • Estimate Initial Well Potential (IP) 

  • Estimated Ultimate Recovery per well (EUR)/well

  • Technology-to-Business mapping to unlock the potential play

  • Provide external review/challenge to prospects 


Evaluate Notional Development Concepts

  • Well-type, spacing and well-count 

  • Development concept; CAPEX & OPEX and schedule

  • Develop 1D/2D/3D models and generate production function

  • Evaluate surface/subsurface complexities

  • Develop  appraisal strategies 

  • Generate notional development plans strategies


Evaluate Potential Value of the Development

  • Help build decision trees and Estimated Monetary Value (EMV)

  • Help with exploration economics