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Exploration Support

We can provide lifecycle exploration support in Play Based Evaluation (PBE) for assessing exploration opportunities in an holistic manner; at Basin, Play and prospect levels.

Basin Level

We seek to understand the underlying fundamental petroleum systems which controls distribution of hydrocarbons

Play Level

We assess what plays are present in the basin and map out their extent and properties. We also assess the play elements

  1. The Charge 

  2. Structure

  3. Seal

  4. Reservoir

Prospect Level

We seek to understand the detailed prospect specific trapping mechanism for hydrocarbon accumulations, and reservoir and fluid properties we can expect to find.

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Our Philosophy

We provide lifecycle support in developing credible and highly successful exploration programs; from high-risk-high-reward Frontier Basins to Mature Basins. We can help you understand :

-Petroleum System

-Play Volume & Risk Assessment

-Prospect Volume & Risk Assessment

Lifecycle Exploration Support

  • Basin Evaluation (Regional Studies )

    • Do we understand Petroleum Systems?

    • Are We in the right basin?

  • Play Evaluation 

    • Do we understand the Play?

    • Are we in the right part of the basin?

  • Prospect Evaluation

    • Do we understand the Prospect volume & risks?

    • Have we selected the right prospect?

  • Regional studies,

  • Farm-in/Farm-out's

  • Lease-sales,

  • Prospect-generation,

  • Exploration and appraisal drilling.

Exp basins.jp2

Our Approach

We take a systematic approach in our exploration support (see fig below); starting from regional approach, to data gathering interpretation to asses prospectively, volumes, notional development concepts till we have a discovery well.  We can help you put together an exploration plan to cover and guide:


Peer Support &

Technical Assurance

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  1. Regional Overview 

    1. Regional basin setting

    2. Analogue & Field Size Distribution (FSD) studies

    3. Infrastructure overview to monetize hydrocarbons

    4. Licensing & commercial terms

  2. Geophysics & Seismic Mapping

    1. Seismic Data Acquisition

    2. Seismic Processing

    3. Seismic Stratigraphy

    4. Seismic Interpretation

    5. Depth Conversion

  3. Petrophysics

    1. Logging & coring program

    2. Well log interpretation

    3. SCAL/CCAL analysis

    4. Rock properties estimation

  4. Geology

    1. Depositional environment

    2. GeologicL modeling

    3. Age Dating

    4. Source, seal, trap, reservoir

    5. basin Modeling

  5. Geochemistry

    1. Source rock evaluation

    2. Basin Modeling guidance

  6. Prospectivity

    1. High grade plays/prospects

    2. High grade leads

  7. Volumetric's

    1. Probabilistic Volumetric analysis

    2. Fluid and rock properties estimation

    3. Geological Risks & Uncertainties

  8. Notional Concept Development

  9. Production Forecasting & Economics

  10. Exploration Drilling

  • Technical Assurance /Peer Assist

Development  Support

We provide development solution & potential value estimate to the exploration teams.  


Your team has an excellent Basin/Play (Leads) /Prospect, you know the volumes but want to estimate its potential value after development; we can help your team grow its portfolio by providing volumes to value (V2V) support throughout exploration lifecycle:


Develop Analogues & Fluid-Correlations in Proven/Unproven Basins to Estimate: 

  • Fluid properties 

  • Recovery mechanisms and recovery factors (EUR)

  • Estimate Initial Well Potential (IP) 

  • Estimated Ultimate Recovery per well (EUR)/well

  • Technology-to-Business mapping to unlock the potential play

  • Provide external review/challenge to prospects 


Evaluate Notional Development Concepts

  • Well-type, spacing and well-count 

  • Development concept; CAPEX & OPEX and schedule

  • Develop 1D/2D/3D models and generate production function

  • Evaluate surface/subsurface complexities

  • Develop  appraisal strategies 

  • Generate notional development plans strategies


Evaluate Potential Value of the Development

  • Help build decision trees and Estimated Monetary Value (EMV)

  • Help with exploration economics

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