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Hydrogen Energy 

We can help you along the entire value chain . . . especially Underground H2 storage

We help investors and project developers with technical advisory and technology support that help them overcome barriers and ensure predictable project revenue stream.






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Tell us How we may help you

We can help provide clarity to renewable investors, project developers, energy producers, transporters and end-users on hydrogen technologies & investments and its value to your portfolio before you commit to big investment.

  • We provide technical advisory services to project proponents, developers & local financial institute

  • We help them with targeted non-financial interventions like project initiation & facilitation

  • Provide front-end (early stages) project planning expertise

  • We provide technical feasibility & appraisal studies,  with range of scenarios

  • We can help develop tools and processes identify renewable projects

  • We help provide clarity to project proponents and developers by early project framing


  • We can help prepare project proposals covering all development stages


  • Technical assistance & rigorous analysis in subsurface studies in CCUS and Hydrogen storage


  • Provide with technology maturity assessment

  • We help with due diligence processes and applicable regulations 


  • We can provide with environmental and social impact analysis assistance, workshops and seminars.


If your profile matches any of the following areas, and you are interested in any part of the hydrogen value chain, you have reached the right place; give us a call.



  • Technology Readiness Level of technologies

  • Geographical markets, their size and projected growth

  • Supply side (producers) growth and challenges

  • Demand side (end-users) challenges

2-Project Developers

3- Producers 

1.  An oil & gas producer looking for hydrogen as an renewable option in your portfolio to reduce your emissions and provide clean energy to your clients in long-term. We can help you develop a hydrogen strategy and  road map.

2.  A Power Generation company looking to switch from coal/natural gas to syngas to reduce your emission from CCS as well as using low emission pre-combustion technology. We can help you with early project concept,  and appropriate capture and storage technologies along with risk .


 ​3. A Grey/Brown Hydrogen Producer, for example in refining, looking to reduce your emission footprints emissions  by capturing CO2 and sequestering and storing it underground.  We can help you with early development concept for CO2 capture and geological storage.

4. A green Hydrogen Producer from electrolyses and interested in electrolyzer markets, trends in technology, cost and challenges in profitable H2 production. We can help you.



5-Storage Operators


7-Technology Developer


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