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Investor Advise


Contact US for Quick Investment Advise

If you are an institutional investor or a private investor, looking to invest in a company, technology or a project , you can consult us before committing a big investment.


Investor advise is the most common and frequent way we have helped many of our clients. The investors contacts us by email and sets-up a telephone call and ask for our advise mostly in oil & gas / new energy, and technology areas. If further detailed help is needed, then  other ways of business engagements are also possible



We have provided expertise and consultation to :

  • Investment Banks, Private Equity, Wealth Funds & Technology Funds in Oil & Gas | Energy.

  • Our clients also includes consultancies; Mckinsey, BCG, Wood-MacKenzie & OGCI.

  • Independent oil & gas companies, PE owned E&P portfolio companies and Industrial groups

  • We have expertise in decarbonization and low-carbon strategies including CCUS project lifecycle.

  • We have deep expertise in onshore/offshore oil & gas ; exploration, development & production

  • All our consultations are confidential.


  • Upstream E&P Projects (Exploration, Appraisal,  Development & Asset Management)

  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration (Lifecycle) 

  • Front-End Project Management

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) | Divestments

  • Corporate Strategy 

  • Technical Review & Assurance

  • Emerging Technologies (Development & Deployment)

  • Efforts include hands-on on-site working with clients (C-suite team / Operational staff)

Some examples of our advise to our client investors and their  interest :

  1. Private equity company looking to invest and acquire a Green / Brown field asset (M&A)

  2. Hydrocarbon resource management and reserve review for E&P company (Technical Audit)

  3. Investors looking to invest in Basin/Play/Prospect & drill an exploration well (Technical Review)

  4. Upstream E&P operator looking for strategies to improve margins & growth (Asset turnaround)

  5. Identified constraints in production system to boost field production (Asset Turn around)

  6. Upstream E&P company looking to divest Its non-core assets (Divestments / Technical Review)

  7. Investment Bank looking to invest ion emerging CCUS Projects in California (Technology/Regulatory)

  8. Institutional investor looking to invest in a particular company starting CCUS Project (Capabilities)

  9. Industrial Gas group investing in-situ CCS technology (R&D / Technology development)

  10. Investor group want to understand challenges in geological CO2 storage (Risk Assessment)

  11. Investment Bank, wanting to understand economics business structures & revenue models in CCS

  12. Industrial group investing in offshore vessels for US offshore wind market (Market potential)

  13. International Wealth Fund / investor looking to invest in US Shale ( Strategies/ Asset Valuation)

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