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Tariq Siddiqui

Founder and CEO

Sets-up and lead integrated multidisciplinary teams, foster partnership / alignment, and build consensus and team behavior between internal and external stakeholders that increase enterprise value and success​

Tariq Siddiqui is a highly successful senior level executive with over twenty years of leadership success in the identification and development of very large producing assets in the upstream oil and gas industry.  Tariq has a strong background of producing sustainable revenue streams and organizational growth across the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa by finding, assessing and developing onshore and offshore resources.  


Throughout his career, Tariq has many successes and a record of delivering organic growth through global lease sales (GOM, Nigeria, Brazil and Alaska) and inorganic growth through acquisitions (Indonesia, Trinidad). He applies new recovery methods/technology to translate business strategy into a compelling direction and commercialization. 


Tariq drives the full life-cycle value in capital projects through integration from ‘identify’ to ‘select’ phases of project maturation for a portfolio of opportunities. A trusted advisor and participant of the executive team, Tariq provides support in assessing value propositions for investment/divestment opportunities, and facilitates decision making and portfolio management.  


Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, where he attended Cantonment Public School, Tariq excelled at both Athletics and academics.  He earned a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma after completing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from NED University of Engineering & Technology. Tariq worked for two years in the largest gas company in Pakistan where he developed a passion for oil and gas business before proceeding to his Master’s degree.


Tariq has served Shell International in multiple senior leadership roles managing the development of capital projects exploration and new business development (NBD). His responsibilities have involved managing Front End Development and in particular supporting the mergers and acquisitions team in Shell’s Integrated Gas expansion program. In 2018 Tariq and his team won best award for new business development for delivering a complex acquisition in 2017.


In his earlier career, Tariq held Project Lead positions with Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Nigeria. In this role, he led integrated multidisciplinary teams that presented business opportunities to management to develop oil and gas fields.   


Tariq has a history of activity and involvement with building alliances and negotiating joint ventures. He skillfully manages political sensitivities and consistently achieves performance excellence by ensuring best practices and collaborating with key stakeholders to resolve challenges where shifting priorities are common place.  


Tariq resides in Houston,  Texas where he enjoys spending time with his family.  In his spare time, he loves reading, swimming, cycling and watercolor painting.