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  • Are you available to travel internationally?
    Yes, I am available for international travel. However, I am not allowed to travel to Generallly Emargoed Countries (GEC) like; Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Houston, Texas
  • Do you provide onsite tranining?
    Yes, we do provide onsite training courses (one-day, two-day).
  • What training coursed do you provide?
    Most common courses are; Reserves training; Volume-2-Value training in Exploration; Analogues & Benchmarking and Project&Opportunity Framing. Other training courses we can prepare and customize as per your need on request. Please allow for some preparation time and plan to send your request ahead of time.
  • Do you facilitate workshops?
    Yes, we do. Most popular workshop is a 2-3 day Project & Opportunity framing workshop. This is most critical for the teams kicking-off a new project where alignment with management and stakeholders is a key.
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