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Source Rock Evaluation
We can help and guide with your Geo Chemical analysis . . .

Key Questions To Ask about your basin

  • How much petroleum can be generated?

  • What Type of hydrocarbons are likely?

  • What is the maturity in wells?

  • How can I predict hydrocarbon generation in my basin?

Presence of mature source rock is essential for finding the hydrocarbon filled prospects.

The purpose of TOC and Rock-Eval pyrolysis is to:

  • The type of organic matter present & indication of its thermal maturity (Espitalié et al. 1977).

  • The parameters most frequently reported are TOC, S1, S2, S3 and Tmax, together with a number of derived parameters (HI, OI, PP and PI), as listed in the table below.


Van Krevelen diagram: Kerogen typing

Espitalie et. al Sample Analysis 

S1          -> is free bitumen that is key indicator of oil & gas shows

S2         -> Non-Soluble Kerogen content that indicates hydrocarbon potential

S1 + S2 -> Total genetic oil & gas potential

S3         -> CO2 potential

S1/S1+S2 -> is a transformation ratio (Kerogen that has matured into HC

HI.             -> Hydrogen Index (HI) that is used kerogen quality typing

OI              -> Oxygen Index (HO) that is used kerogen quality typing

HI & OI.     -> Used directly in van Krevelen diagram to identify kerogen type (see above)                       

Source Rock Maturity


Basin Modeling

Data obtained from source rock evaluation can help build 1D/2D/3d basin models for predicting hydrocarbon  generation, expulsion, migration, losses and accumulation in the trap. It is important tool in de-risking a play and ensure a hydrocarbon-filled prospect.

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