Policy & Regulations

1-Overview of policy & regulations in Operation or under construction plants

  • Historically US  projects are dominated CO2-EOR & low cost capture from NGL plants

  • These oil & gas EOR projects with Class-II injection have few EPA regulations

  • The non-EOR projects that store CO2 in saline Aquifer or depleted fields require Class-VI injection wells with stringent relations for permitting

  • Due to low cost of capture and revenue from EOR, they  rarely require any grants

  • Few projects that are not EOR or have high capture & transportation cost require grants

  • In 2018 Federal 45Q credit ($50 for CO2-storage; $35 for CO2-EOR) were approved.

  • Cap & Trade credits and Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) are administered by states (example California).

  • Carbon tax is not a popular way of carbon pricing  

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2- Overview of Policy & regulations in planned projects

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