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How Development Concept is Generated in Capital Projects

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

A range of development concepts or options are generated by concept engineers to cover a range of development decisions in capital projects .

Evaluation of development options is an integrated team effort that start early during appraisal. Example; There are several development decisions (EX; selecting a Host, EOR & IOR, Well Type etc., there are several development options are available (FPSO, Semi-sub, TLP, SPAR, SST etc.) to choose from.

  • Early Involvement of Concept Engineers

  • Agree on development decisions and options

  • Early concept Identification in Assess phase

  • Thread few, key development concepts

Development concepts together with geologic realization define a scenario that assessed for commercial viability (NPV > 0).

Example (Development Concept) : One of the identified development concept (Concept-A: blue arrows in figure) that is threaded is; A semi-sub development, using TLP host, with water-injection facilities, using cluster wells, that are dry-tree type, with large spacing, requiring ESP as artificial lift (AI), with subsea development using 3-slot manifold, flexible riser systems, exporting from the host.

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