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Tempo Acquisition 


The client was looking for upstream E&P asset in offshore Caribbean to supply recently acquired downstream  LNG assets, that was running under capacity.



The deal team was struggling in competitive deal space to find appropriate asset that will put company's strategy into compelling direction. They even put a contingent bid of +$500 MM, 


While deal team was busy in its process, we 

  1. Helped and  organized virtual data room and supported technical & commercial due diligence

  2. Organized urban planning workshop; for competitive intelligence in  the deal space

  3.  Identified a prioritized map of available opportunities for possible acquisition.

  4. Organized opportunity framing for Tempo aligning; objectives, value drivers, Technical & NTR, 

  5. Re-evaluated and revised downwards the original bid value from $500 MM to $60 MM.

  6. Identified additional value creation opportunities (Infill plan, new field, developing new block etc.)

  7. Participated in technical/commercial negotiations and challenged the vendor on perceived value.

  8. Help re-structure the bid with multiple opportunities and value trade and made the deal.


  1. Successfully acquired the asset under $300 MM, unlocking over $1.0 billion value.

  2. Helped the c-suite team  in developing the strategic plans to develop asset into heartland

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